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Social Media Raffle The following Social Media tactic works great to drive traffic; both the foot and virtual kind!

And on top of that… It sells stuff!!!

I’m excited to share with you this simple technique that can grow your brand message, promote a product, AND get people into your store or onto your site – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

In this example below, you will see how this technique works with a physical location to bring in more foot traffic to a store .  At the end of the post, I’ll make a brief mention on how you can replicate this with a virtual/or online store.

* Quick Note:  Cape Surf was an actual social client of mine, so this is both a “case study” and “how to” type post…


How I did it:

The surfboard in the image below COST the surf shop somewhere around $80.  As you can see in the Facebook post below, I told our audience “This Board Can Be Yours for ONLY $10”  –  I didn’t use the word “ONLY” but I should have…

10 dollars for a surf board that would retail around 250 dollars is a REALLY high perceived value and a big motivator for the consumer to join the raffle game.

It works great for Sales too because as the retail store, we only had to sell about 8 raffle tickets to break even.  Anything above that magic number was profit!

Here are some points I made sure to hit that made this work:

  • Posted on FB during high traffic times.  – For us this was around noon on a Saturday
  • Engage with the audience to hype it up – Notice I said in the comments “…the more tickets that are yours, the more chance you have in winning…”
  • I sold the ticket INSIDE the shop so they HAD to come in and see the rest of the merchandise!


gain traffic and sales with social media

The outcome: I remember a pregnant lady won the board for her husbands birthday.  She only bought one ticket, so you can imagine how stoked she was to have a $250.00 surf board to give as a gift for ONLY $10.00.

Take it Even Further

Go Viral With It:

If I was to do this again – especially for an online store/offer – instead of selling physical “raffle tickets” I would make the participant make a donation and SHARE a status on facebook about the contest.  Also, make sure that the status post has the @TAG to make sure you get notified of it.  Then you can simply choose a notification at random to win.

That strategy would help add more people to your fan base AND the raffle game at the same time.

Make $$$ With Info Products:

To break even with the surf board we had to sell about 8 tickets, but what if you were selling an info product that costs next to NOTHING to distribute?

If you had an info product that was priced around $97.00, how excited would your audience be to see that they could win it for only a $3.oo virtual raffle ticket!?!

You can even WOW your customers some more by saying that $1.00 for every raffle ticket was going to benefit a charity.  This way they can feel even better about purchasing a ticket that could win them your product at a GREAT price!

To Take Away

It’s all about perceived value with this technique.  Obviously if you are a retail store then you have to cover your costs.  If that is the case, you just have to know how many tickets it would take to break even and if you are confident in hitting that number.

Entice the audience to purchase more tickets by saying “the more you get the better your chances,” and even donate some of that money to charity to help your customers feel better about purchasing them.

Hope you enjoyed this post, if so… please use those share-buttons on the left side. It’s how the good stuff spreads 🙂

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