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Our President of “change” will certainly be changing the political-media landscape tonight with the first ever,

Presidential Google+ Hangout

presidential google+ hangout

This isn’t the first Social Media takeover from politics; last summer, Obama held a “Twitter Town Hall Meeting” that didn’t go so well since the questions were preselected.

This time, there will be a few preselected questions, but most will be directly from Google + users who were invited into the chat.  Lucky…

The chat will be live today at 5:30 est on Barack Obama’s Google+ Page

Questions this arises:

We know that Obama is going to use Social Media in an unprecedented way for this 2012 election.

If you were a Social Media Manager in the Obama camp, what sort of strategies would you use going forward into the 2012 election?

How could you better integrate Facebook?

Other Fun Questions:

Some other fun questions this made me think about:

What other President in history would you most want to meet in a Google+ hangout?

If Social Media is changing the way we “interact” with our candidates, do you feel that rightfully so, the internet should also change the way we actually participate?  By participate, I mean vote!

If you made it into the Google+ hangout tonight, what would you ask?

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