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With Local Response, it is NOW possible to directly target consumer intent on Social Media Networks!

Imagine being able to communicate directly with your consumer right after they tweet about you.

How about right after they include you in their Facebook status update?

With Local Responsea social advertising platform that allows local businesses to respond to Social Media Activity with marketing campaigns – you can!


LocalResponse is the first platform to help marketers respond to “real-time consumer intent,” defined as a social media moment: a Tweet, a status update on Facebook, a photo on Instagram, a checkin to Foursquare and many more.

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Logan and I actually spoke with their CEO, Nihal Mehta last summer on this episode of Endacast.


I’m writing this post today to share that Local Response is now launching a pro version of its analytics and action platform.

How does it work?

Thanks for asking!

LocalResponse’s proprietary technology collects and prioritizes social data both explicitly (i.e. check-ins on Foursquare) and implicitly (by analyzing natural language on Facebook, Twitter, etc.; e.g. “I’m headed to ShakeShack”).

Now… Imagine what you can do with that.

You can commend someone for sharing a picture on twitter with a rebate!

You can help someone solve a problem by finding their stressed out tweet!

You get the picture… I hope!

Check out what Local Response has to offer for your Social Media Campaigns and let us know if you find any exciting ways to use it.

Also, tell Nihal we say “What’s Up!”.

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