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How Small Business Can Use Social Media to Attract New Clients

The last time I checked, the more clients a business had, the more money they made. And money (correct me if I’m wrong) is a good thing. We all need it in order to keep doing our jobs… and we all need it in order to survive.

So, if you understand that more money can come as the result of having more clients in your business, the question then becomes, “How do you attract more clients?”

Based on my experiences, the best way to do this is through the creation of social proof.

Social proof is something one creates in order to prove to others that what he or she says or does is worth paying attention to. In short, it’s a way of building yourself up so that you can sway the actions of a large group of people.

The principle behind social proof is that since most people make the assumption that the people surrounding them possess more knowledge about a particular situation than they do, they will deem the behavior of others as more appropriate or better informed… and therefore, follow in the footsteps of those around them.

Social proof gets people talking about brands. Social proof convinces people to buy a particular product. And social proof sways clients to buy from one business and not another.

The more social proof your business has, the greater your chances of attracting new clients.

In order to attract more clients and make more money, however, you need to create an ever-increasing amount of social proof around your business.

Need more money? Get more clients.

Need more clients? Create social proof.

If you can create enough social proof, you’ll have clients begging to buy from your business. With enough social proof you’ll have clients clamoring to your business.

Social proof is powerful.

If you understand this, you’re on the right track! But the question then becomes, “How do you create social proof within your community?”

One way to do it is through the use of SOCIAL MEDIA.

What you may not realize about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is that not only are these tools an excellent way of communicating with the citizens in your community… but sites such as these are also one of the best (and fastest) ways of building social proof.

To build social proof with social media, you need to do three things.

1) Increase your follower counts. The more people you have following you on Twitter, subscribing to your RSS feeds, or becoming a fan of yours on Facebook, the more important your business will seem.

2) Get your business’s message to spread online. The more your business’s content is Re-Tweeted, emailed back and forth, voted on, Digged, or StumbledUpon, the more “popular” your organization becomes.

3) Have people talking about your business in the real world. When the story you spread about your business is so great that it has people talking about your institution outside of the World Wide Web, then you know you’ve succeeded in generating positive social proof.

The formula looks like this:

  • Need more money? Get more clients.
  • Need more clients? Create social proof.
  • Need social proof? Harness the power of social media.

Social proof is created by continually proving that your business is an amazing place; that you’re constantly pushing the boundaries; and that your business is doing something special – something others will want to be a part of.

If you are not yet using social media in your business as a tool for communication, marketing, promotion, and social proof creation, now is the time to begin!

Social proof doesn’t just pop up over night. It takes time to build and grow. The longer you wait to get started, the longer it’s going to take before your community starts talking about you and your incredible institution.

What are you waiting for? There couldn’t be a better time to harness the power of social proof through the use of social media!

Start creating your Socia Proof before your competition does!


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