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Users like free.

Scratch that, EVERYONE likes free.

No, no…. everyone LOVES free.


With that information, how can your brand/website leverage free to build a community, create engagement, and establish a sustainable audience via social media.

Take free movies cinema as an example. They offer something that is never free to everyone via a secure portal on a website. They offer cinematic entertainment (or what humans refer to as “movies”). I don’t know how they do it, but they do it well, and with an audience supporting their growth behind them.

So what do they do with social media to engage an audience? It’s actually quite easy.

They leverage MOVIES (what else?) to ask trivia questions and become a news source for their followers. They’ll talk about the hot movies that are currently in theaters, the actors that are in them, how they’re performing, etc. They do a great job to lure people in and get them onto their website to watch free movies online.

Take this “free” model and see what you can give away in order to complement your actual business offering. If you can make it fun and exciting, we guarantee you’ll have a built-in audience following you in no time.

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