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We stumbled on an amazingly disruptive website that can potentially change the way we all use data on the web. Find the Best is being dubbed an “anti-search engine” that houses some of the most interesting data on consumer intent than any other destination on the web. I’d even argue that it rivals Google, even at such an early stage.


Find the Best is more of a search innovation than it is a social media catalyst. However, because of the immense impact it can have on the entire web, it’s newsworthy to all categories.

I’ve already gone through a dozen searches on the site and feel that I received more useful information much quicker using Find the Best vs. a typical search engine. In the case that I might be buying a product, it’s nice to see compiled ratings and reviews in one place. Google has yet to master the feat.

Where Find the Best merges through social media is in structured data. It’s evident that the website is collecting extremely rich content through a plethora of sources. One of these sources is on-site markup. This makes and even Facebook’s Open Graph even more vital to a website’s structure.

I would consider myself so persuaded by the value that Find the Best can provide me that I will be attempting to use it to find data for the remainder of the week. Perhaps I will follow up this post with a summary of how my experience went next week. In the meantime, I suggest you test drive Find the Best yourself and let me know what you think about it.


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