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Logan, Sal, Justin and Los make up the core team of Professors here on SocialMediaSchools.comTheir experience in Social Media Marketing/Management both independently and collectively spans over 2 decades!

Here is more information on each individual team member:

Logan Lenz

Logan Lenz

Logan is the Founder and President of Endagon Innovations, a web 2.0 marketing firm located throughout Florida. Having started the company during the MySpace days consulting for bands, he has managed to be on the cusp of all things social on the web before the term “social media” was even coined.

Throughout Logan’s social media journey, he and Endagon has worked with everybody from Fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop shops across the country. Lenz’s core values are based around using personalization online to improve a company’s customer service processes and overall level of engagement. “Without trust and loyalty in tact, you’ll never create lasting worthwhile relationships with your customers.”

Sal Greco

Salvatore Greco

Sal Greco is a Sicilian-American originally from Brooklyn, New York.  After spending the second half of his childhood in Fort Lauderdale he moved to Orlando, Florida in order to attend the University of Central Florida to major in Entertainment Marketing.

While attending college, 2 major things happened:

1.  Gained Digital Media Experience with Endagon Enterprise, one of the first Social Media Agencies in the state of Florida!
2. Performed for 3 years in Walt Disney Worlds Entertainment Department.

Since graduating college he continues to pursue his original passion in music with an innovative band, the Pharmaceutical Funk.  And in late 2010, he started Surfer Lifestyle Design to help inspire people to live an Awesome Life – through the life lessons learned from Surfing!

Today, along with developing his own products, such as 4 Hour Power, he runs a business/lifestyle podcast w/ Logan called Endacast and lastly, enjoys consulting companies (especially in the Surf Industry) on how they can successfully market their brand on the internet!


Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with a BA in Philosophy. Though Justin studied Philosophy he found his niche in marketing while doing the copy writing for TemplateZone and found great success in analyzing social media trends. Justin believes that philosophy is what has made him so successful in the marketing field because philosophy, like marketing, requires rigorous analysis and an ever evolving approach.

Justin directs social media strategy and email marketing for TemplateZone and its suite of services, including High Impact Designer. His expertise on landing pages and Facebook page layouts was instrumental in shifting the product mix offered by TemplateZone, in addition to setting a new course for the company’s marketing and branding



Los Silva

Lost and confused by formal education, Los knew that his goal was to start and build a successful marketing company, even though at the time, he lacked the resources or the experience.

He taught himself all the aspects of business and marketing including the art of the cold call.  It was a hard road filled with many hang-ups, hard times and long days but he always kept faith in himself to succeed.  His first client ended up being a national furniture chain with an initial contract for six figures.  He started growing the business and ended up taking this company from a mere thought into an international company that has completed projects all over the U.S., Central America and Europe.

Then Los heard something that would change his life forever.  In a video by Gary Vaynerchuck who said, “There’s no reason to do something you hate in these times.” Since then, Los has worked with many different companies, from mom-and-pop shops to Heineken in creating different, yet highly successful marketing strategies for each.

His expertise has expanded into what he calls Experiential Marketing, which offers companies a unique mix of digital branding combined with event marketing to increase consumer engagement both on and offline.


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